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Doctors did not tell you the 30 advice - Qzone log

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Lead: life, we need a lot of attention to detail. Develop good habits, a healthy body, helps study,ナイキ エアフォース1, work better for. And healthy body, can not do without their attention to detail in life, and plenty of exercise. Here are some doctors advice too late to say to you, you know?

cancer experts:

1, the meat is best cooked. Amino acids in roasted meat temperature will decompose and the formation of carcinogens. Therefore, the best cooking meat.

2, raising pets. Can increase the body's endorphins and oxytocin, and can reduce the stress hormone cortisol, thereby enhancing the human immune system.

3, lunch,ナイキ エアフォース, eat slowly. Learn Italian leisurely lunch, to protect the cardiovascular, anti-aging.

spinal surgery experts:

1, the core muscle group exercise. Abdominal exercises can reduce back pressure. Prone and open arms over his head, then arms and head off the ground, so the flight posture, keep a few seconds, then relax.

2, pick something, close to the point. Bending over to pick something, the spine will increase the pressure 4-5 times, the action easily lead to excessive back strain. So, when there are items fell to the ground, it is best approached the point,エアフォース低いone, and then bend over to pick up.

3, avoid sedentary. Maintain a position for too long, muscle stiffness easily, disc pressure will increase. Suggested activities for each rose about 30-45 minutes, helping to increase blood circulation, good spinal health.


1, often measuring waist circumference. Relationship between abdominal fat accumulation and heart disease significantly, the ideal waist should be 35 inches (89 cm) or less. Best aerobic exercise every day, to avoid simple carbohydrates such as white bread and other food.

2, measurement of health indicators. If you are over 35 years old, do not know their blood pressure and cholesterol levels, better look up to the hospital, because these data can help predict heart disease risk.

3, appropriate to eat nuts. Walnuts and other nuts are rich in healthy fats and ��-linoleic acid, may wish to eat a few to a week, make your heart healthy.

psychology experts:

1, concerned about the self. Whether to seek psychological counseling, practice meditation, or writing weekly reports, we must take the time to self-analysis, to understand their concerns and recent life goals.

2, and more social. Strong social networks help to promote physical and mental health. Take part in more social activities, and more concerned with their own human beings.

3,安いエアフォースワン, to get pleasure from the exercise. Arrangements for some exercise every day will help maintain strong energy projects. Exercise can enhance the mood of the natural anti-depressant drugs.


1, not to self-medication. If the fungal infection occurred since that can be appropriate to eat some conventional medicine. However, if symptoms can not be cleared, the best doctor. In the gynecological inflammation, 2 / 3 of the cases belonging to inflammation or bacterial infection.

2, contraceptives beneficial than detrimental. Contraceptives did not have much side effects, can ovarian cancer -50% reduction of 35%.

3, X love and urine. Discharge of bacteria will help prevent urinary tract infections. In addition, more cup of orange juice a day can help prevent cystitis.

dental professionals:

1, intake of antioxidants. Such as broccoli and blueberry foods rich in antioxidants can prevent gingivitis.

2, eating lemon. Lemon juice is not too much to drink, not to directly suck, because the acids destroy tooth enamel.

3, use a soft bristle toothbrush. Toothbrush too hard can damage tooth enamel, leading to gingival recession. Consider the use of electric soft-bristled toothbrush.

podiatric experts:

1, the amount to the foot size. Should be measured every few years about the size of the foot, especially after pregnancy or weight change. Shoes are too small will lead to thumb bursitis (joint between the toe and foot deformities convex), corns and hammer toes and other issues.

2, frequently changing his shoes. Do not always wear shoes the same height, otherwise they will be too much pressure on the foot injury, should shifts in high heels and flat shoes to wear.

3, sandals wounded in the leg. Often barefoot or wear sandals like the shoes can cause heel pain.

sports medicine experts:

1, they are not good at sports to do the most good, and to ensure diversity movement. If you alternate different sports, to avoid a single imbalance caused by the movement of the muscles, resulting in excessive exercise or injury.

2, a woman training to strengthen the hip. Female hip and gluteal muscles is relatively weak, if not strengthen the training, easy to make too much pressure on the hip.

3, regular replacement of sports shoes. Finish 800 km (the amount of exercise equivalent to running 5 kilometers a day, 5 times a week for 5 months) for pairs of sports shoes have to, otherwise easily lead to sports injuries.

nerves and memory experts:

1, use and disuse. A number of studies show that puzzle, Sudoku lyrics and help protect the brain. Memory training can make the brain more flexible. Recommended

2, the freezing pressure. Chronic stress can cause brain atrophy memory region to increase stress hormone cortisol,nike air force 1, and ultimately impede the ability of learning and memory.

3, drinking red wine. Antioxidants in red wine compound has a protective effect on memory. Recommended amount of women drinking 1 cup a day, 2 cups per day for men.

Family Doctor:

1, the birthday reminder health. Birthday as the date of the annual health check if the body does not, should do the relevant inspection.

2, prepare to see a doctor before. Best to sort out what you want to discuss the issues with the doctor.

3,エアフォース1, concerned about the health of family members. Parents or brothers and sisters in the actual state of health is a mirror of your future, because some diseases are a family-oriented.

Editor: make a healthy person, do not have to stay away from doctors. Doctors said the 30 had a chance to advice life how much you know? How many of them have to do? If you do not, then the later date, please pay attention, a lot of attention to it. Wish you have a healthy body. Work, school, everything goes.

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